Did I break it?

Yes, twice. I’m learning. This time it was my server. I have historically hosted clients web sites as well as personal sites on conventional, commercial web-hosts, the patriarchy. They are extremely user friendly and will set the whole server up complete with a Content Management System that will let you press words into the tubes of the internet and create whatever you need in the span of half an hour. It’s The Future. 

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The Danger of Artificial Intelligence: Twitter fights with Cher

Skynet is scary, sure. Those squid things from the matrix, also very scary. The Borg are, of course, an existential threat to the entire alpha quadrant. But what are the real dangers of AI? Artificial intelligence and machine learning are soaking up grant money, making headlines, and getting objectively smarter, more capable and better able to mimic and surpass their human creators.  The morality of AI is being considered and debated by great minds and think tanks and I’m quite sure they’ll have all the laws of robotics well codified by the time we need them. By the time robots are capable of making moral decisions and taking actions with moral implications the human race will be prepared for the ramifications.  Or will we? Because that time might be now.

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I’m not even sure of which version I should learn…

I started with an app called Learn Python a fill in the blank style program that uses mathematical expressions to show how the code can manipulate variables, and Memrise a great app for learning languages and memorizing syntax.

Once I thought I had those in hand I began Learn Python the Hard Way not quite realizing it was teaching me Python 2 instead of Python 3…

I took some time off after I realized I was learning two different versions concurrently out of frustration but I’m writing this post as a commitment to myself to redouble my efforts.


I’m rebuilding my website.

I’m rebuilding my site. It’ll catalog the shit I’m doing or want to be doing. Here’s Kazak.